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About Sveti Vlas Resort, Bulgaria
Sveti Vlas Hotel
Black Sea, Bulgaria

About Sveti Vlas Resort, Bulgaria

Sveti Vlas is a charming small town along the Black Sea Coast. It is located 9 km away from Nessebar, 4 km away from Sunny Beach and 40 km away from Burgas. Sveti Vlas is a beautiful resort with a wonderful combination of beach and sea at the foot of the mountain.

The climate here is extremely healthy. The combination of forest, sea and beautiful beaches in Sveti Vlas makes it a perfect place for relaxation and recreation. The beach is divided into 3 parts with a total length of 1,5 km. The central part of the beach is the longest, the small beach “Campsite” is located south of it, and the third one is located next to the “Marina” pier.

Sveti Vlas is situated only 4 km to the north of Sunny Beach and faces the entire Nessebar bay. That is why the view from here is incredible – during the day the sea horizon is azure and infinite, and during the night – illuminated by the shimmering lights of Sunny Beach and the bay. The impressive silhouette of the mountain rises behind Sveti Vlas.

Sveti Vlas is a peaceful and quiet resort. Its close proximity to Sunny Beach gives you the opportunity to experience the unforgettable emotions of the night life in the summer. Sveti Vlas is a suitable place for holidays, both for families with children and for people, who want to rest in peace, but also to bring diversity in their vacation by visiting bars, clubs and discotheques in the nearby resorts.

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About Sveti Vlas Resort, Bulgaria
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