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“Vision” Shops
Магазини Vision
Модерната визия от Италия

“Vision” Shops

“Vision” Shops offer their clients

  • women`s clothing, shoes and accessories from famous Italian brands such as OVYE, MARY C, GIL SANTUCCI, JUSTOR, MARYLEY и др.

  • children`s clothing, shoes and accessories of the world famous Spanish brand MAYORAL.

  • Children`s toys

Shops “Vision” have been on the market for six years and affirmed their place on the market offering clothes, which personify the leading fashion trends and the individuality of each of our clients.

The shops are located in Sveti Vlas, 19, Tsar Simeon Street / the city-center of Sveti Vlas/ and 2, Yug Street /complex Siana/.

All guests of the hotel receive 7 % discount when shopping.

Магазини Vision
Магазини Vision
    “Vision” Shops       “Vision” Shops       “Vision” Shops
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“Vision” Shops
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