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Sights in the vicinity of Sveti Vlas
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Sights in the vicinity of Sveti Vlas

Nessebar is one of the best Bulgarian Black Sea Resorts. The traditions of this southeastern city can be found in everything there – from the ancient history of the place to its contemporary outlook as one of the best tourist destinations on the native Black Sea Coast. Nessebar is situated on a small island, connected to the mainland with an isthmus, 400 meters long, which connects the old and the new part of the town.

Today Nessebar is the richest in Medieval architectural monuments town in Bulgaria. The old town of Nessebar is included in the List of World Historic and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. There are about 42 churches in the old part of the town, only half of which have been discovered by archeologists and preserved. The working temple, at present, is only one, as the other churches preserved are used as art galleries.

Worth visiting in Nessebar

  • St. Stephen Church, built 10th century
  • St. Dimitar Church, built 11th century
  • St. John The Baptist Church, built 11th century
  • St. Sofia - ruins of a church, built 4th century
  • Holy Mother Church, built 6th century
  • St. Theodore Church, built 13th century
  • St. Archangel Michael Church, built 13th century
  • St. Paraskeva Church, built 13th century
  • St. Ascension Church, built 17th century
  • St. John The Baptist Church, built 14th century
  • St. Clement Church, built 17th century
  • Holy Mother Church, built 1873
  • St. John Aliturget, built 14th century 
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Sights in the vicinity of Sveti Vlas
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